Saving article

After installation and successful setup you can add current opened article to wallabag by clicking on wallabagger extension icon


wait a couple of seconds


(There also may be message “Obtaining wallabag api token” if application token is expired (one time in two weeks)) If something goes wrong, an error message appears:


In that case, check your options.

If there was no errors, main window with saved article appears. Note: if the article from this URL was already saved, that article will appear with its tags, title, and flags (starred, archived).


Article window

The article window consists from:



Working with tags

Tags, assosiated with the article appears in tags area before input field. You can delete tag from the article by clicking on the cross on the tag.

Article tags

When you type name of new tag in the input field, after three letter, begins searching in existing tags, found tags appears on the bottom of input field. You can add it by clicking on it or by pressing right arrow key.

Found tag

You can add typed in input field tag by pressing “,”, “;”, space key (if you not choose option “Use space in tags” in settings) or enter key (if you choose option “Use space in tags” in settings)